Memories Through A Lens

JVW Inc. has been in contact with the office of award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns. Mr. Burns is currently reviewing our documentary on…

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Production Inc.

JVW Inc. has partnered with Production Inc. in order to serve all your live video and audio needs. Still committed to providing the highest quality video production in Northeast Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas, JVW Inc. nows offers the best in live audio,... read more

Judge Munley and Vietnam

It’s been several years since Lackawanna County President Judge Tom Munley has discussed his experiences in the Vietnam War at

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The NYT raves about Forged

In Forged Chuco (Manny Perez), just released from prison after serving eight years for the killing of his wife, has a very rough return to the world. Cesar (Jaime Tirelli), leader of the violent gang from the old days, gives him a job to do, whether he wants it or... read more

JVW at the Vans Warped Tour

Fans of all sorts braved the heat and flooded the Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain Thursday for the Vans Warped Tour — an annual day-

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A few words from Joe Van Wie

After college, I moved to New York City. I dabbled in acting and had a few small parts in some feature films and network TV shows. It soon became clear my passion wasn’t for being in front of a camera, but behind it. I love telling stories, so I decided to enter the... read more

Up Close & Personal With Brandon Halsey

On the lighter side of darkness, maybe … Wilkes-Barre author Brandon Halsey is witty, intelligent and unique. A conversation with him is thought-provoking because you never know if he’s answering sincerely or just having fun with you. Halsey feels... read more

Variety loves La Soga

Drug dealers and government hit men have at it in “La Soga,” a violent crime thriller that reps a rare feature from the Dominican Republic. Made mainly by Yanks and New York-based Dominicans, the vibrant film bursts with local color and trades in very... read more