Joe Van Wie isn’t likely to fall into a rut. “I attribute my success to always choosing torment over delusion,” he says, “and I try to stay curious at all costs.”

There are times when Van Wie’s restless need to explore haven’t panned out, but he never regrets anything he’s tried. “I have plenty of failures, but I like to wear them as a badge,” he says.

Keeping his creative energy cranked is impor- tant to his many endeavors, including JVW Inc., The Pennsylvania Film School, 80/20 Non Diet and the Vitamin Group. Juggling is one of his greatest skills and he never knows what will happen on
a day-to-day basis. “I love the opportunities my businesses have afforded me,” he says, adding that his biggest weakness could be a tendency
to multi-task. “Restraining my own interruptions on my creative staff is one of the greatest of my responsibilities,” he says.

Van Wie gives great credit to his staff — people he believes wield considerable talent. “I like to hire people that are A. smarter than me and B. not look- ing for another job to be managed at,” he says.

He attributes his success, jokingly, to the “natu- ral selection of his enduring bloodline,” however, on a serious note, he cites James Simrell and his brother, John, as important mentors. Above all,
he values support from his mother, Jean, who has believed in him in all his endeavors.

Educated under the “lens of Catholicism” he believes it gave him an uncanny ability to recog- nize fact from fiction faster than his rivals. Having attended the University of Scranton and New York University, he majored in philosophy before leaving to pursue his business interests.

Philosophy, however, continues to exert consid- erable influence on his activities today, especially the thought of empiricists and skeptics like Jef- ferson, Paine, and Hume.

Van Wie has received the HBO International Film Festival Best Picture 2010; the La Latino Film Festival “Official Selection” 2009; Santo Domingo International Film Festival Best Picture 2009; Provi- dence International Film Festival Best Picture 2011; American Association of Political Consultants; Pollie award for best ad 2011, 2012; Community Impact award from Goodwill Industries 2011; Times Leader 40 under 40 2009; The Electric City Best Film Maker 2010, 2011, 2012; the Diamond City Best Film Maker 2009, 2010; and the Week- ender Best Film Maker 2010, 2011.

He also received a review in the New York Times Review for “Forged.” He served on the boards of the American Advertising Federation, Dress for Success, Rainbow Alliance and the Scranton Club.

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