JVW inc. is the brainchild of Joe Van Wie.

Following a spirited and notorious adolescence in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Joe did at stretch at New York University and ended up spending nearly a decade in New York City as an accomplished part of Manhattan’s lively film and TV industry. During this time he racked up credits ranging from producing feature films premiering at international film festivals to directing and producing content for a variety of national cable television networks.

When Joe’s attention turned to corporate marketing and political advertising he began focusing on the science behind how consumers and voters perceive various brands and entities; this lead to several years of field and quantitative research in the political realm, analyzing data for trends and patterns, which served as the basis to sharpen the message and placement of political and corporate persuasive communications.

JVW inc. was established with one major goal in mind: melding together the scientific and creative in order to form a more efficient and powerful product. This goal was ultimately realized by the creation of the ‘JVW Protocol’—originally sketched on a cocktail napkin and further refined through work with dozens of clients nationwide. The ‘JVW Protocol’ has proven itself to be a true recipe for success.

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