Andy Warhol, one of the leaders in the visual art movement know as pop art, once said “Art is anything you can get away with.”  If that is the case, I get away with a lot.  Not only do I work at JVW Inc. in various departments (SteadiCam operator, cinematography, visual collaborator , sales, etc…) I am a professional artist.  I have sustained a living doing what I love.  I am truly lucky and blessed in life.
I enjoy working for JVW Inc. because it allows me to express myself, to gain knowledge, and to grow.  I plan on being the best SteadiCam Operator I can be.  It is a love I found while working on the set of The Paragon Cortex. The whole idea of one fluid motion shot to carry a scene or a whole film is just beautiful to me.
Growing up with a mother who was an art teacher, I had my share of lessons in the actual field of Fine Art.  I was accepted in Marywood University’s Pathways program and started taking college courses at the age of 16.  After graduating high school, I attended Keystone College for Visual Art.  After that, I went on to educate myself more in the fields of Marketing, then Neuroscience, and even studying Western Civilization for some time.  I became a YouTube partner (employed to make videos) gaining a large following and making an income from making stupid videos and reviewing beer.  I have even wrote a series of children’s books which I am in the process of illustrating and hope to have published by the end of the year.
As I said, I have made art my profession.  I create whatever I can get my hands on- which is both good and bad.  It is good because I never get bored of doing a certain medium; I just put it down for little while and pick up something else.  It is bad because I spend money on new tools and my living room looks like an art classroom. I feel for my roommates.
I have created a successful Etsy page.  In fact, since October of 2012 I have sold over 200 Vinyl Record Clocks.  My clocks consist of hand cutting vinyl records with a hot knife into various shapes, the Death Star from Star Wars being the most popular, and adding a clock mechanism with some paint here and there.  I had two very successful designs that made it to the front page of, thanks to Dave Corigliano.  From those posts on Reddit, it was posted to over 20 different blogging websites (that I know of) which help to increase my sales.  I also take custom orders.  It is a good feeling to earn an income by doing something you love on such a strong level.  Jokingly, when I’m asked what kind of art I create, I reply with “I like to melt stuff.”  That is the truth of the matter.  I highly enjoy welding and recently got into melting down old copper to make jewelry.  I dabble in ceramics and use my oven at home, in my kitchen, as my own personal kiln.  Again, I feel for my roommates.  However, I always go back to the basic and enjoy simply drawing and painting.
I, along with fellow JVW Inc. employees Jamie Hannigan and Marissa Von Laibach, will be having an art show at Center City Print on Penn Ave, downtown Scranton, for The First Friday Series, March 1st, from 6 to 9pm.  So, I will end this blog is saying: I am just me.  It also wouldn’t hurt to say come to the art show if you are reading this before the date of the event.  If you are reading this after March 1st, 2013, you really missed a good show.  I am sorry for your loss.