by Rich Jenkins

For years, I had booked gigs locally by simply showing up on off hours with a CD and a newspaper article about my performances. I became a hit in my home town of Scranton, but when I tried the same tactics out of town… disaster! I greeted everyone with the same smile and a promise that the CD was every bit as good as the newspaper clip said it was, but 9 out of 10 times I was told “Let me listen to it later and I will get back to you…” Needless to say, following up on the phone would only bring further disappointment.

That’s when I decided a change was needed. How could I bypass all the costly traveling and time on the phone? A call from Joe Van Wie one afternoon asking me to appear in a television commercial as an extra would change everything for me. While watching the production unfold, I quickly realized how focused and comprehensive video could be. This realization prompted me to meet with Joe and his staff to discuss how I might be able to capture and market my performances. What I received was far beyond just capturing my talents and strengths; I now have a marketing tool that will let me showcase and compete far beyond the Scranton area.

It may sound like an old cliché, however, when you now click the play button on my video, I’m sure you’ll see… The proof is in the pudding!
Thanks Joe!