After the success of Forged and The Paragon Cortex, JVW Inc. is proud to announce our next film project.

Camp St. Zombie is a horror/comedy hybrid sure to please genre fans with a mixture of over-the-top gore, dark humor, and other staples of classic exploitation cinema.

Our film will tell the story of St. Lazarus, a camp for wayward children run by the Catholic Church. After two inept military soldiers dump a barrel of toxic waste into the lake, the children begin mutating into flesh-hungry zombies. Now a young priest and the rest of the camp counselors must defend themselves against a horde of undead children.

We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to supplement the funds raised from private investors located at

Camp St. Zombie will mark the feature directorial debut of Joe Van Wie. Joe, who has directed hundreds of television commercials and recently won a Pollie award for his skills behind the camera, will also be stepping in front of the camera to play the lead protagonist.

When’s the last time you were truly scared by a movie? It’s probably been way too long. Being scared is the greatest feeling in world. A good horror movie is like a roller coaster ride you don’t have to leave your living room for. If you help fund this movie, we promise to scare you. We’ll create something that frightens, that traumatizes, that scars. If you’re going to donate money to us, I know you won’t expect anything less than that.