JVW inc. was honored to produce the media for Marty Flynn’ successful primary bid for State Representative. Please look forward to a fundraiser held for Marty Flynn at our Scranton offices. 

Marty Flynn won the Democratic nomination for state House District 113 Tuesday night, capturing 241 more votes than incumbent Kevin Murphy, according to unofficial results.

Beating Mr. Murphy in a 4,306 to 4,065 vote, Mr. Flynn celebrated Tuesday night among dozens of supporters at the Tripp Park Community Center.

Mr. Murphy has been a state representative since 2008.

“It’s a big accomplishment,” Mr. Flynn, 36, of Scranton, said. “We worked very hard. It showed.”

It is Mr. Flynn’s first time running for any elected office.

Mr. Flynn emphasized that he and supporters put hard work into the effort.

“It was a fight from the beginning to the end,” Mr. Flynn said. “I knew it was close so we worked hard.”

He said Mr. Murphy was “tough to go up against.”

Election results Tuesday night showed Mr. Flynn ahead much of the time, often by fewer than 100 votes.

In the end, Mr. Flynn’s margin of victory against Mr. Murphy was 51.4 percent to 48.6 percent.

If elected to Harrisburg, Mr. Flynn said he will be a “voice for the people.”

Josh Mrozinski
The Times Tribune