In case you missed out on seeing Forged during its successful theatrical run, JVW Inc.’s hit indie thriller is now coming to home video. The DVD is packed with special features, including commentaries and behind the scenes footage, and includes a pristine digital transfer overseen by director William Wedig and cinematographer Zeus Morand. With optimal picture and sound, this is the ideal way to experience our critically-acclaimed feature in the comfort of your home.

Set in the cold and rusty steel mill town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Forged follows Chuco on his quest to redeem himself after committing a horrific sin against his son, Machito. After Chuco’s release from prison, the boy, now 13 years old, abused and homeless, seeks him out and simply mutters: “You killed my mother. Now I kill you.” As Chuco’s guilt and Machito’s need for a father take hold, they must both find a way to move past impossible circumstances to forge a bond that has been forever broken.

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