Did you ever notice the ads that roll before online videos start playing? This type of ad is called “pre-roll video advertising,” and has become the fastest growing and most effective way of advertising online.  You spend time and money creating an online video advertisement and hope that someone will stumble across it.  Pre-roll video advertising ensures that your ad will get views. Even the largest streaming video providers, such as YouTube and Hulu, are using pre-roll video advertising to promote products and new ideas.

It is clear that this type of advertising has made a big splash in the competitive world of online media.

JVW Inc.’s powerful marketing tools will not only get your advertisement seen by thousands, if not millions, but will reach your target audience based on locations and demographics. An impression is a measure of the number of times an ad is displayed. You can receive anywhere from 17,000 to over 300,000 impressions, spread across thousands of websites.  The best part is the ad is only accounted for if more than a certain percent is played.  This expands your advertising campaign and has a guarantee that your ad(s) will be seen.

Don’t you want to have a successful product? It’s time to step up your advertising and choose Pre-Roll Online Advertising through JVW Inc.