Most people watch TV for entertainment and enjoyment, to relax, not to weed through endless facts and statistics. A television commercial, on average, is only thirty seconds. Don’t waste that time by giving the viewer heavy content. Emotion is what drives people, not content. Once a connection is forged you can drive people to the content in your web site. We’re very heavy with testimonials because there’s a massive response to them in most markets. TV viewers want to hear from real people. We don’t use professional actors in our testimonials the way most of our competitors do.

You may think good name recognition and media saturation equals business. That trend changes after your name recognition balloons and peaks. This is the time when people want to make a connection with you, not just hear your name over and over; that’s not effective TV buying. Having great creative is obviously a key element to a successful TV campaign — knowing where and when to place it — is even more critical.

We at JVW Inc. have placed millions of dollars and have developed proprietary formulas for reaching underserved demographics that typically respond well to our industry. We will be glad to evaluate your marketplace, research and develop a placement that fits your budget and demonstrate a lucrative return model that supports your outlay.

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