With the advent and subsequent explosion of the Internet, traditional media has seen an erosion and a creation of a ‘digital divide.’ Companies are struggling with the question as to whether they reallocate their marketing dollars from TV to the Internet, or from the phone book to outdoor ads. Facts demonstrate there needs to be a balanced synergy within your media plan to ensure you generate enough top-of-mind to be relevant, call-to-action to command inquiries and do so in a fashion that reflects the decorum your brand demands and deserves.

At JVW Inc., we can help you with all of your web design needs, whether you need a site built from the ground up, or just a facelift on your existing site. From still photography to graphic design, copywriting to coding, and hosting services to maintenance, we’ll take care of all aspects of your site.

Internet Marketing


JVW Inc. utilizes the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to increase your company’s visibility in search engine results. The science behind a SEO campaign is a combination of on-site optimization techniques combined with off-site tactics. Whether using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, JVW Inc. guarantees maximum brand visibility and online traffic.

Pre-Roll Advertising

A pre-roll ad is a commercial that plays automatically before web content. Many websites don’t allow viewers to skip these videos, but some let them skip after a certain percentage of it plays. Pre-roll advertising is useful for targeting specific audiences by location, demographics, and interests, as well as measuring direct click response.

Internet Marketing

In addition to SEO and pre-roll, there are many other avenues of internet marketing that can be used to great effect. Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram are rapidly expanding their advertising offerings, ranging from boosted posts to targeted ads. We believe the best approach is a combination that can be easily tweaked for optimum results.

Social Media


of online adults use social media

million daily active Facebook users

million tweets per day

hours of video is uploaded to YouTube per minute

Social proof has long been considered the most effective means of convincing and motivating individuals to make certain decisions and form particular beliefs. Social media harnesses the power of peer proofing and allows for the development of a group of consumer advocates. Those who interact on social media sites are more likely to be peer influencers and will become a champion for your brand if engaged frequently with value and authenticity. Our in house staff has been creating novel strategies for developing our client’s services, and is ready to leverage your social media properties and generate case leads and general brand enhancement for your products.