Before his sold-out show at the Scranton Hardware Bar, Michael Glabicki, lead singer of Rusted Root, stopped by the JVW Inc. offices.

Over a bottle of sweet vermouth, Glabicki answered a number of questions about his past and future with the band. JVW Inc. filmed the interview for the Weekender magazine.

Rusted Root formed in 1990 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and has sold more than three million albums worldwide.

After the interview, JVW CEO Joe Van Wie announced his intentions to run away with the band, and pleaded with Glabicki to let him join the tour.

Over the holiday season Joe purchased a guitar and taught himself some chords. Falling to his knees, Joe played a tearful guitar solo; Glabicki, who also plays guitar, was unmoved by the performance.

Rejected and dejected, Joe returned to his office and continued to make award-winning films and commercials.

Below you can view the interview JVW filmed with Michael Glabicki, conducted by Weekender correspondent Ashley Vargas.