After college, I moved to New York City. I dabbled in acting and had a few small parts in some feature films and network TV shows. It soon became clear my passion wasn’t for being in front of a camera, but behind it.

I love telling stories, so I decided to enter the field of production. I cut my teeth by producing short films—the next logical step was features. I was the executive producer on an independent feature that started winning some major festivals.

The only problem was that I could only work on one film per year. Feature filmmaking is a lengthy process and one that requires a lot of patience. In between films I stayed busy by making commercial advertisements.

What if I brought the same production values that got me accepted into the Toronto International Film Festival and applied them to a thirty second or sixty second television ad?

At this point I was also highly trained in quantitative research. I took my knowledge and applied it to advertising. JVW Inc. was founded as a market research and advertising firm.

I felt like a lot of the television ads I’ve seen missed the mark—some were just downright laughable.

If you don’t understand video production it’s easy to be ripped-off by a fast talking charlatan with some low-grade camcorder from Best Buy. Your commercial will be rife with bad lighting and sound, just like a number of other ads that litter television breaks.

Clients thought those ads were working because they had great name recognition between their billboards and speed-and-greed-ads. In reality, they were just the butt of an expensive joke being told by a lot of poorly trained videographers.

The appeal to most of our clients is that we craft creative backed by quantitative research. The numbers show where the TV market is, and how that market is directly responding to messaging. After we take the temperature of your market, we know exactly what message to craft, and how to add creative to that.

We have the information. Information dictates the message. Our scripts are crafted directly from the research.

Science can’t be argued with. Dial testing lets you know if your current advertising campaign is working, or if it needs an overhaul.

JVW Inc. is one of thirty firms who conduct dial research. Our last client results showed their phone calls were up 40% two months after our ads aired.

The reduction of price when using one company for research, production, and placement gives you the most bang for your buck.

Joe Van Wie