Work and play collide

By Joan Mead-Matsui, Abington Journal Correspondent

Sep 5

The coolest part of Joe Van Wie III’s job is that to him, it doesn’t seem like work. He is 34 years old and works for JVW, Inc., a company in Scranton that makes movies and advertisements. He is the company’s CEO and executive producer.

He produced many feature films and was the line producer on “The Paragon Cortex”, executive producer on the movie “Forged” and associate producer of “La Soga.”But is his work glamorous and exciting?

Van Wie said, “No, it’s hard and terrifying, but in the same respect it’s rewarding and the only way I would want to spend my time here while I am stuck on Earth.”He has worked with many independent film actors, including Adam Sandler (when he had a small role in “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan,”) Martin Lawrence, Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis.Van Wie said when he was a boy he started to interpret life through what he saw in movies.“I think as a young man it was always comforting to know I was able to relate to my grandfather by watching Westerns and seeing the same movie he saw. It was the first time I felt I could relate to adults, through the experience of watching a film together.”He said the most exciting parts of his career were the projects he created.“The ones that meant the most to me,” he said, “were the ones I was able to film in my own backyard and bring some of the most talented people in the independent film industry.”In the fall, he will be at work on a horror film. He recently wrapped up a comic book thriller, “The Paragon Cortex, written and directed by John Kilker and produced by Christian Huennebeck, expected to be released this winter.“It was a great experience to work with two of the area’s most talented filmmakers and storytellers and work on one of the best projects that I’ve ever been a part of with two local guys that I admire and trust. I’m very excited for it to hit theaters.”



Age: 34

Hometown: Scranton

Job Title: CEO executive producer of JVW Inc.

Favorite subject in school? Philosophy & theology

If you could be a science fiction character who would it be? Lord Vader (Star Wars villian)

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A priest.

What book would you bring if you were stranded on the moon? The ” moon” for dummies.

Coolest part of your job: That it has never been a job.

Favorite place in the universe: I need to travel more to answer this, but for now it is Antony Piazza Esq.’s attic in Green Ridge.

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